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Name: "Jolly" Roger Koorb

Myth: Red Skeleton

Age: 14 (By his people standards. In regular time he is actually 324)

Grade: 9

DOB:  December 6, 1687

Ethnicity: 1/3 French, 1/3 Spanish, 1/3 British

Relatives: "A lot"

Style: He wears outfits that compliment his heritage but more often than not he'll wear bland-colored business suits, a red necktie, and black-rimmed glasses (even though technically he has no eyes), combed hair, and a fedora with a ticket on it say "Press".

Social Pool: He is technically in all Social Pools as a member of the Press.

G.P.A: 4.5 (or so he claims)

Elective/Club: School Newspaper/ Journalism

Notes: He is both liked and despised by the entire school for the stories he prints.

In addition to the "Truth" he is most well known for his hilarious/outrageous "Truths" stories

One of the most outrageous stories/things he is known for is frequently accusing those on the student council/ASB for secretly working for Captain Nazi.

Another thing he is known for is his cackle.

One thing he is especially popular with is his performance of "The Skeleton Dance".

He wears a special bracelet that allows him to create the right circumstances and duplicate himself so he can perform "The Skeleton Dance" whenever and wherever he wants. Especially since so many people ask him to.

He can speak most European and Asiatic languages

Personality: Is very (what's the word?) boisterous, dramatic, eccentric, weird, energetic, insane, etc. But his odd ways belie the fact that he is a very deep thinker, wise and insightful.
Another character file I made for :icontyshea: Wormwood Project.

I really like this one in particular.
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June 30, 2011
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