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Name: Jane Cherish Lawson

Age: *

-Myth: The Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Grade: 9

D. O. B:  April 15 (Aries)

Ethnicity: English, Greek, Roman, Japanese (on her mother's side)

Relatives: John "Bill" Lawson (Father)
                Tomoe Ame-Lawson (Mother)

Style: Business.

Social Pool: None (closest being outcast)

G.P.A: 5.0 Normal and Honors (what do you expect?)

Notes: Jane is the daughter of the lesser known fifth Horseman of Apocalypse: Bureaucracy. (So it's no surprised she is picked on by them and the Sins.)

As such there are very few things known about her or her father. Not that anyone wants to know.

Jane although capable of speaking (and writing) all languages, communicates mostly through "Sign Language" where she holds up signs with what she wants to say written on it. Jane uses "Sign Language" due to the fact that prolonged exposure to her voice is quite capable of boring someone to death.

Jane carries a special Black Ledger and a Green and Gold Dodo feather Quill (without the Quill bad things happen).

Often dreams of become a drummer or guitarist in a Metal band.

Personality: It's hard to say if Jane has a personality at all as most people tend to avoid her unless they wish to use her skills. She does have some friends though.
A character I designed when I was in High School a long time ago. However I later reformatted her for the Wormwood Project.

I'm still working on the better/worse parts of her personality.
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May 18, 2011
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