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Name: Hunter Lucky Levi

Myth: Urban Legend (Alligator/Crocodile living in the sewer)

Age: 15

Grade: 10

D.O.B: ???

Ethnicity: Italian

Skin Color: Green

Eye Color: Orange

Relatives: Alfonse Levi (father)

Style: Urban Hockey Jock (has Lime Green Hair)

Social Pool: Has none really but is usually considered to be a Jock.

G.P.A: 3.49 (exactly)

Notes: A professional businessman/scalper (there's one in every school)

The most unique/oddest thing about Hunter is that he lives/lurks in a toilet.

He has his own bathrooms located through out the campus. He also has a toilet in virtually every room in the school allowing him to travel quickly.

Despite living in a toilet Hunter is very clean and hygienic (plus he never smells).

Hunter is a go to guy whenever you need something anonymously or otherwise.
Ex: tickets to concerts, answers to tests, cigarettes, etc.

However everything comes at a price. One of his own choosing; usually money but he also trades.  Failure to pay has very dire consequences.

When and if he ever comes out of his toilet is up for debate

Hunter loves playing Street and Ice Hockey

Personality: Hunter is pragmatic, practical and as sharp as a tack. But he can also be childish. He is a very intelligent person and can be annoyed by other people's ignorance. Hunter but when he is playing Street Hockey and Ice Hockey, his personality goes into overdrive. He becomes highly energetic and competitive. Hunter is a well balanced and versatile player in all positions, and his Jersey number 13.
Hunter Lucky Levi is a character I designed for :icontyshea:
's Wormwood project. If anyone feels like drawing Lucky so I can see him outside my head please feel free.

I can't draw yet.
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May 13, 2011
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