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Name: Galatea “Wolf Girl” Lobo

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Species: Human.

Abilities/powers: Galatea has enhanced reflexes, giving her cat-like agility in battle. This ability not only allows her to jump at great heights, but can also make Galatea dodge most attacks, whether it would be physical or magical. She has a vertical leap of a few dozen feet, can run faster than a speeding bullet, and is capable of performing superhuman feats (for example, she can run down the vertical face of a building without falling off). She also has superhuman strength, enabling her to do battle with creatures/beings far larger than she is with little trouble. Galatea's strength level far exceeds that of most demons, even though the average demon has strength far above the human norm, and on multiple occasions Galatea has been known to over-power creatures that are supposedly high-level. The exact limits of her strength are not known, but she was once seen holding up snapped suspension cables of a Bridge, which would undoubtedly require several tons of force to keep in place. Galatea is also extremely durable but not indestructible.
Galatea can also use spells, amulets, charms, and other magic items to assist her in battle, though her skill in this regard is somewhat lacking. Rather, she enjoys using brute force to accomplish her goals, often talking smack to her opponents.

Appearance: Galatea is 5’6” has short red hair that only touches her shoulders. Shining Silver eyes and always wears a black shirt and baggy blue Jeans. Galatea also sports Steel gloves made out of the strongest densest materials in the universe, each can protrude short blades and allow her to communicate with her parents and a demi-god named Daxam to advise her. She also carries a black satchel that carries all her supplies.

Personality: Galatea is independent, sarcastic, direct, brutally frank, and confrontational. She is carefree and adventurous and she is very tomboyish in the way she acts and dresses.

History: Galatea’s Mother is Japanese and her [Galatea’s] father is Egyptian. It is through their bloodline that the Japanese and Egyptian deities decide to empower Galatea as her parents are descended from champions from their native homelands. Galatea first shows signs of her prowess at the age of 5 when she accidentally punches the head off of a bear. When she tells her parents of this, they calm her down and tell her to forget about it. The subject doesn’t come up again until she’s 7 when she has a strange dream about what is happening in the world. Her parents then tell her everything and about what she must do; from then and for the next 6 years they train her. And when she’s 13 she receives Special Steel gloves from the deities themselves after which she is sent out on her quest.

Likes: Fighting, Chaos, pranks, Wolves, Venom, deadly creatures, Darkness.

Dislikes: Large groups of people, bright lights and the list goes on.
Galatea redone.
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June 22, 2008
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